You think hackers are a nuisance?  Just look at what ordinary daily Web traffic does to frustrate your customers.  Now imagine the surge traffic from your next press release, or the strain on your servers from streaming those big files or live video.  Traffic is great, but how do you welcome all comers all the time?

Now you can neutralize traffic slowdowns on your site with XOSoft.

Our uniquely designed worldwide data centers and edge server network clone your content instantly, putting it close to each hard won customer, so they always have fast easy access to the latest content that you've labored so hard to deliver.  And our CloneQuick software handles all your dynamic content updates with ease.  Our near zero latency means even your live streaming content gets delivered flawlessly. 

Best of all, it's transparent to you and your customers.  You don't need to invent or tweak business rules, take on new daily chores, or endure pesky 6 week implementations. Just say Yes to XOSoft, and it's done for you.  Instantly.  Every day.

After all, you wouldn't tolerate an 8 second delay either, would you? 

Denial of service.