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Troop News

What's your patrol up to these days?  Any advancement or achievements?  Or maybe someone just earned a merit badge.  Call 233-8359 or email your  announcement to .


Service Project Ideas

Canoe fleet maintenance

Church property upkeep

Saugus River cleanup

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Scouting in Action 

Canoe Rentals


Tip a canoe (or just rent one)

Boy Scout Troop 61 will rent you a 17 foot Coleman canoe for your trip.

Rent just one, or rent up to 14 for your entire group for a day, or a weekend!

You can also get a 2-canoe roof rack, or an 8-canoe trailer with a 1 7/8 " ball and standard electrical hookup  (4 canoes minimum rental) free of charge with your rental.  All rentals include life jackets and paddles.  Rates are $6 per day (per canoe) or $10 per canoe for entire weekend.

Call now and reserve your canoe rental weekend today! Contact:

Nelson Miller, Scoutmaster


Kevin Wildman, Asst Scoutmaster


Ken Sarnie, Treasurer


Scouting in Action - True Story

You Never Know When

On a winter weekend at Mount Hood golf course in Melrose, where the first hole is a popular sledding hill, a young teenage boy was knocked down from behind by another young thrill seeker riding on a snow tube down the hill. About a dozen panicked onlookers rushed to the side of the motionless boy.

As the group debated what do, the youngest onlooker, who is  from Troop 61, quickly put his First Aid knowledge to use.  Carefully assessed the victim's condition, he recognized that the person was in shock and not breathing normally, and administered appropriate first aid. 

Our Scout's knowledge enabled him to recognize that the victim was in shock, disoriented and unable to be moved safely.  Knowledge and clear thinking helped avoid negligent  treatment that could have led to more serious injury.

As a result of the young Scout's prompt actions, the victim was stabilized.  Our Scout stayed with the victim, kept him calm, and talked with him until he was confident that the individual could breathe normally and be moved safely.  The victim's mother, who had been anxiously watching the entire incident, gratefully asked   where he had learned these skills.  He proudly answered "Boy Scouts". 

Golden Gives Back 

Our newest Eagle Scout, Patrick Golden, says:  "Even though I am not there in Saugus with all of you great guys, I still choose to be involved and active.  Anyone is encouraged to contact me for any questions with advancement

or projects because I've been through it and I  think I can help them. Let everyone know  I'm here to help. Call me at  233-2485"

  -Pat 'FLASH' Golden

BSA Troop 61, Saugus, Massachusetts