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It's almost impossible to lose a customer with
W. J. Roberts...


- Harry Hollis, Manufacturer's Rep,
The Distributor's Link Magazine

A brief history

Business and friendship rarely get mentioned in the same breath throughout much of industry.  However, in an historic town nestled north of Boston, Massachusetts, ownership and staff at W. J. Roberts Co., Inc. think a little differently.


Why not do a great job, make friends, and have fun...?  Otherwise, what's the point?


- Bill Roberts, President

Founded in 1972, the W. J. Roberts Company has built a loyal customer base person-to-person, one customer at a time, one sale at a time.  We have grown to over 800 active accounts, and the tone of those relationships can best be described as fun and effective.

Harry Hollis, a manufacturer's representative from Florida, says "W. J. Roberts' quality is unsurpassed...almost completely trouble free.  Not many companies out there can say that."


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