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The web is teeming with resources for mobile computing, wireless communications, PC companions and computing appliances.  Here are a few starting points. 
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Top Windows CE Sites

Microsoft's Windows CE web page
The official MS page for Win CE, the slim version of Windows for handhelds, set top boxes, even automobile dashboards.

Jimmy's Windows CE Home Page
Part fan site, part WinCE software resource, and a link to over 200 sites, both commercial and homegrown.

Chris DeHerrera's Windows CE Website
A low-fi site with unbounded enthusiasm for all things Windows CE.

Craig Peacock's Windows CE Pages
A thorough, regularly updated source of  product reviews and news.

CNET Http://www.computers.com
Click Handhelds for  WinCE developments.

Top PalmPilot Sites

3Com Palm Computing 
The capital of Palmdom.

PalmPilot Gear H.Q.  Shop for Pilot software, download or purchase over 2,500 applications, find support, FAQs, links and mailing lists.

Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ  Calvin O. Parker, author of The Complete PalmPilot Guide, answers common queries.

The Lending Library
Download hundreds of classics and modern novels, from Shakespeare to Barlow.

PalmCentral  Clearly organized site for software downloads, ranging from a sync program for FIleMaker Pro to Singapore's hottest restaurants.

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Suggested Reading

Briefing: Consumer Devices
(The Red Herring Magazine, December 1998)

The Future is At Hand
(Industry Standard, 7/99)

Digital Me
Novell lets you make any PC anywhere behave like your own, just by entering your digital ID.  No more web forms to fill out!

Umax embraces handheld strategy

New SmartPhone from Acer combines handheld PC, phone

Handhelds Take on Corporate Functions (Computerworld)

Smart Phones are Coming

GTE unveils universal
messaging service

Developer & Power User Links       (recommend a resource)

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